Friday, February 1, 2019

Steps on How to Study Effectively

Not all students study effectively. Some have never been taught on how to study and their processes lead them to be ineffective in their approaches. Learning is challenging enough on its own but if you are a student who doesn't know how to study and have difficulty managing your time then learning how to study is important. Here are 5 steps that might help you.

Step 1: Take a Quick Review of the Course and the Week. Take a look and just review what is needed from you and the potential time frames. Gain an idea of how much time you will need to spend each day studying.

Step 2: Create a Quick Plan of Action. Once you understand what you need to do and the potential commitment break it down into steps. You may need to read chapters, write notes, etc... For example, do you need to read two chapters a day and complete something on your paperwork every day?

Step 4: Skim the Book and Then Read. First skim the book to gain an understanding and then go back and read for depth. You may want to also write notes throughout the process as they are fresh. Try and focus on those things that are likely to be on your test or the professor is discussing.

Step 5: Review and Study Every Day: Spend a little time reviewing what you learned in class, read, and your notes every day. The more you can commit to memory the better off you are in retention, recall and tests.

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