Saturday, January 12, 2019

Painting Under the Blazing Sun

Painting is about expressing one's emotions and values onto canvas. It could be just a moment in time, or something that transcends time. This painting in particular is about the contrast between hot and cold. The desert is hot but in the distance is the mountains that have snow. That even in the hottest places on earth we only need to go up to reach a different environment.

While I can never pretend to be the best painter in the world, and I have experienced the knocks for liking things like painting in a lumberjack sort of place of growing up, I find that it is an enjoyable experience. It contains within it the ability to connect with one's emotions and understand what truly motivates our inner life.

Painting, like poems, like music, like acting, and like other activities is about development. It is about creating a refined sense of understanding of the world. It moves beyond our daily tasks and into something that pushes society forward. These are creative activities that lead to a better world and a better way of experiencing life. Those who "knock it" also knock themselves because they only add to the world and take nothing away.

Haiku Poem-Blazing Sun

Desert Sun, 
Burn Bright, 
Snub the Light!

If you are interested in this painting you may buy it on Ebay for relatively cheap. Its an original. :)

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