Thursday, January 24, 2019

Learn from Life and Then Put It In The Past

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Life isn't easy! At least for most of us it is about struggle, adaptation and overcoming struggles. Some start out with everything and maintain a life of privileged, some create ease in their lives, and others go down the tube. One thing we can say is most of it has nothing to do with the money you have or the brands you wear. It is about learning from the world and then putting it in the past.

We all have times where we were not happy, did not like the outcomes, or have been treated unfairly. It isn't wise to just ignore that these things happen but that we spend enough time with them to feel and learn from the situation. We then should let it go....

Feel: We all need to process our feelings for a short time so we don't get stuck. Give it some time, a few days, few weeks, depending on the situation and then let it go.

Learn: Each situation has a learning lesson. Things you could have done better, things others could have done better, and possible solutions. People who learn become stronger.

Your performance will improve if you learn from tough situations and then let them go. The self-evolving man needs to learn and develop from the past. They should keep their conscious mostly focused on the future and their future goals and use the past as a resource to draw on. Those who get caught in the past don't grow or change.

If you want to succeed in business and in life you will need the right personality. Make sure that you use life as a long-term growth investment. Each situation provides new information. The important thing is that you adapt and move on with the new information. Setting focus on what you are doing today based on the goals of tomorrow is important.

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