Thursday, December 13, 2018

Exploring New Ways of Painting Through Integrative Learning

Painting is a a creative outlet for me. While I'm watching TV or working on my house, I will sometimes bounce over to the the corner I designated for painting and work on a paint project. Because I do not sell these for much, and donate a large percentage of the money to charity, I am willing to risk making mistakes. When I don't understand something I go online and find a new method.

Like many other activities painting is a learning process. With time you start to think more along the lines of detail and improvement. For example, now I notice brush strokes, shading, and method a little more than before I painted.

Once you learn something you can apply it. This process of learning, applying, and solving problems can go on throughout a persons life. If they are aware that this process is occurring they can come to master what they learn and know why they learned it.

You only judge yourself because it has nothing to do with other people and their abilities. My painting is pretty good but it isn't "great". With time detail will improve. You can get your own basic paint set at any art store for under $50 with canvas. Where you gain the knowledge is up to you.

You can buy it here

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