Saturday, December 1, 2018

Dance for Quality of Life and Health

Sometimes I like to engage in dance as an exercise and art form. It is one of those sports that takes some commitment. What I have found is that if you engage in multiple sports, dance is a good augmentation in a way that leads to greater flexibility and health. Today is a ballet show Nutcracker I am part of through a dance company in Marquette. As an art form it should be encouraged and supported in local communities.

You will learn to be coordinated. Dance is about coordination. You will learn to use your body in a manner that leads to a specific outcome. As you become more coordinated, it is also likely that you will increasingly improve your complexity.

Likewise, it is also possible that you will find your body becoming more flexible in nature and capable of taking on more complex positions. In essence, your muscles will need a certain amount of stretching to handle some of the moves.

Furthermore, you will gain strength in parts of your body that you can't imaging. Certainly your legs will get stronger but also your core and inner thighs. To push your body to move in new ways requires the gaining of new strength and abilities.

You will find that most dancers are in shape and have a positive outlook on life. The activities and movement promote sound physical and mental health. The overall development of a full life requires the ability to use your body and abilities to their fullest extent.

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