Saturday, November 24, 2018

Is it Possible to Have Economic Growth While Slowing Global Warming?

People view economic growth and environmental protection as opposed to each other. While this is true when we discuss the cost of pollution, regulations, and limitations on natural exploitation it doesn't need to be true in the development of sustainable cities. Developing stronger economic hubs we have greater ability to understand and manage the entire supply chain network leading for less pollution. With economic hubs we can better concentrate on developing "clean living" within cities.

A government report on CNN says hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of lives will be destroyed without some large scale action. Here is the link to the report released

I'm conducting some research and review on the process of creating global economic hubs that lead to perpetual and sustainable economic growth. One of the ways in which they can do that is through implementing efficient green technology in growing cities through understanding some of the economic benefits of doing so. Consider....

-Economic clusters are tightly woven and reduce carbon footprints from shipping.

-Economic clusters innovate quickly and innovation leads to more efficient processes with less pollution.

-Livable and clean cities draw Millennial's and higher talent. Designing healthy cities leads to more available skilled labor and reduced health costs. One leads to growth and the other reduces costs.

-Data driven clusters help industries understand the total costs and benefits of working together on important issues such as climate change and sustainable cities.

-Successful economic hubs influence smaller hubs in other countries through supply requirements that will likely put pressure on other countries to deal with global climate change to tap into the "international business networks".

-Clusters foster stronger industry-government research and coordination on important issues.

A larger percentage of people will be moving to cities in the next decade and it becomes an opportunity to innovation, improve the environment and strengthen the economy. While global warming may impact sales it doesn't have to within the U.S. It can be an opportunity to create export oriented cities that lead to wealth and prosperity. This is not the first or last time society faced threats but how we act upon determines our ability to resolve such issues.


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