Thursday, September 20, 2018

Why Marketing Messages Should be Unique and Thought Provoking

Marketing is an issue of emotion and recall. These emotions could be positive, negative, or anything in between. When we create unique and thought provoking marketing messages we are sparking the person to be cognitively in the moment and think about the message for a second. When we have their attention and focus they will create memories of the message and often recall those emotions when thinking about a product.

Brands are created when entire campaigns have successfully created an image that sparks an emotion among a certain section of the population. For example, if you are an outdoor enthusiast you may respond to breathtaking images of a young man standing on top of a mountain. The images catch our attention and we begin to encode.

When we want to get active, explore the outdoors, such images begin to arise with their motivations. They are connected and encoded into our brains in the same place. They naturally come together when they are released. These emotions then push us to purchase products that help us achieve our goals and objectives.

Sparking memories is so important that companies often connect the past with the future. Think of classic brands like Coke or Tide. They have memories and when we spark those memories we have pleasant childhood thoughts and this creates positive feelings that help us make a purchase.

The next time you are developing your campaign consider the need to ensure create something unique that will be memorable for your audience and help them remember the brand. Don't be so crazy that it damages your brand but be fun and trendy enough that people repeat it creating sparking as many memories and feelings as you can.

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