Saturday, July 7, 2018

Farmer Markets in Escanaba Michigan

Farmer markets allow people who grow small batches of food and create crafts to sell products. It can be difficult for them to find stores wiling to sell small items as large companies push products at a much cheaper price. The handcraft abilities of local artisans has a place to connect with customers.

Every Saturday morning local small producers come together to set up their tables. What you will find is fresh fruits, vegetables, breads, cookies, coffee and crafts. It is free to put up a table and get your stuff out there.

Located in downtown Escanaba and close to other shopping areas that host coffee shops, bars, restaurants and other retail one can hit the local farmers market and then make their way over to the other establishments.

Escanaba is home to lots of fun things to do in the outdoors and shopping districts. A small city that serves the needs of just about anyone that lives within 30 minutes drive. Campers, vacationers, and others come out and visit the downtown scene.

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