Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Americans are Quitting Their Jobs-A Few Things to Consider Before Taking the "Plunge"

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that people are quitting their jobs more now than in the past 17 years. Hires were 5.8 million and separations were 5.5 million while job openings are 6.6 million. This indicates that people feel confident about taking the "plunge" and finding a new job. They felt with the economy being strong they could pick up better quality work quickly.

You may be considering taking the "plunge" yourself. Research after research has shown that the best way to earn more pay is to move to another company. Yes....executives don't often know what they have until they lose it and are more willing to pay someone new and untested. It is the nature of business and management that we don't see the people in front of us as beneficial than the "unknown"

...but before you "burn the bridges" behind you there are a few things you can do and should consider before leaving.

1.) Always keep your spirits positive and be on good terms with other coworkers and bosses. You may just need that job in the past.

2.) Collect good references from people you trust.

3.) You may want to apply within your company for different positions.

4.) Consider asking your boss for a raise.

5.) Finish up as many projects you can to leave the position in a good spot for the next person.

6.) Make sure you are critically evaluating the pay, commute time, work benefits, atmosphere, and people before "jumping".

7.) Find a job before you leave. While you might think it is easy it could take a considerable time costing you money. No unemployment for people who quit.

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