Thursday, June 7, 2018

Tips on Business and a Healthy Lifestyle from a Self-Defense Master

One of the best ways to learn about business is through people who have actually succeeded in it. I had the pleasure of interviewing Terry who owns Twin Dragons in La Jolla. He has successfully run his business for over 30 years and has started at least four different centers. The diligence and passion for the art of self-defense has driven him most of his life.

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Beyond having a 4th level Black Belt he is experience in Kempo, Tai Chi, Fencing, and a number of other techniques. This makes him a walking encyclopedia of self-defense.

1. What business advice would you offer people starting out? 

Terry believes that one should follow their passion and continue to be driven through good and bad times. This passion can lead them to a life of fulfillment and enjoyment. 

2. Does you market your business and how do you do it?

He passes outs cards, puts up window displays and promotes his business by word-of-mouth methods as much as he can. It is important to be present in his business in order to attract customers and engage with them. 

3. Why might self-defense be important to working professionals?

Professionals have to deal with stress and often get locked in a world of work. They need outlets that improve stress management, health and social engagement.

Twin Dragons Kenpo Karate

506 Nautilus St,

La Jolla, CA 92037

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