Thursday, June 14, 2018

Manager Communication Tips

Managers are communicators. While they may be exceptional at their skills they are not nearly as effective as they are when they know how to talk with their employees. The purpose of management is to understand and engage with people to direct the workflow as well as create motivation to get things done.

Communication is essential to the success of the team and department (Leonard, 2015). Without communication skill the workflow process may be dysfunctional and employee confused about what actions they need to take. Likewise, managers may end up not being effective in the long-run thereby limiting their benefits to the organization.

Here are a few ideas on how to communicate well:

1. Understand the conversation before commenting. Make sure you aren't just throwing out assumptions. A lot of people do this in daily conversation. They make quick judgement without a clue what the other person is saying. This can lead to confusion and resentment. 

2. Have a plan on what you want to accomplish. It is hard to communicate others what you expect them to do if you have no plan on what to accomplish. Ensure you have some goals, a strategy, and then talk about it often. 

3. Accept feedback when it is appropriate. Don't be a "dumb" manager who doesn't learn and doesn't receive feedback. These type of managers don't last very long. Just make sure the feedback is valid and beneficial.

4. Send emails and having informational meetings. It can be helpful to share information by sending emails and having informational meetings. Get the word out about what needs to be accomplished and make things happen. Don't have too many meetings but ensure you have enough to run the department. 

Leonard, K. (2015). Communication as a management skill. Arkansas Business 32, (6).

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