Monday, May 21, 2018

The Simple Three Fs to Fitness and Weight Loss

Image result for fitnessPeople think that weight loss and health are extremely difficult and that it is nearly impossible. It isn't but we get confused by all the different articles, supplements, gimmicks, false information, body builder posts and much more. There are only three F's to Fitness. 

Fitness: Cardio and weights help reduce fat and improve muscle tone. Early morning workouts have better effects than evening workouts. Make healthy choices like walking and biking to work.

Food: Increase protein, fiber, vegetables, fruits and reduce sugary foods, sugary drinks, carbs and transfats. It is about making many small choices that lead to a better diet.

Feeling: If you feel good you will be more active and lose more weight. You will have high self-confidence. Exercise, activity, and feeling good all go together.

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