Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Keeping Your Outdoor Pouch Clean

If you take your pouch outdoors, to the beach, hiking, traveling and other activities you know how dirty they can get. Long hair that is well groomed and maintained is wonderful but gets hot and dirty. Unless you are in cold weather consider giving your dog regular shaves and shampoos. The end result is a clean dog less prone to pests and injuries.

Long hair attracts spurs, fleas and gets caught on twigs and branches. If your dog naturally has long hair you may be forced to shave off much of it to keep the bunching done.

You will also find that taking your dog to the beach also leaves lots of sand that is difficult to take out. When the hair is short you can just hose it off but if it is long then it doesn't matter much how much you shampoo it will not be coming out.

There is also the risk that an un-groomed dog can be confused with other wild animals. The better kept your dog is the more likely people will recognize it as a domestic pet.

Finally, you may also want to see at a glance if your animal was hurt in anyway. Long hair can mask scrapes, scratches and bumps.

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