Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Brand Strategies for Social Media Marketing

Using social media is highly important for improving sales. It is one of the main methods businesses interact with their customers. A review of marketing managers found that there were five methods of encouraging greater interaction with customers and raising awareness of their products (Tsiomonis & Dimitriadis, 2014).

-Prize Competitions
-Announcing New Products
-Interaction with Customers.
-Advice and Useful Information.
-Effectively Handling Customer Issues.

Social media is becoming more powerful but is someone limited. Most mobile media refers back to a webpage hosted somewhere else. However, it does create a channel to interact with customers and provide announcements. The key here is "engagement". Make sure you are actively engaged with subscribers and visitors.

Tsimonis, G. & Dimitriadis, S. (2014). Brand strategies in social media. Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 32 (3).

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