Monday, March 5, 2018

Fitness Boxing as a New Trend

Fixing boxing is growing as a trend that is swelling many MMA and boxing gyms around the country. The difference is that people don't want to engage in the head trauma and knockout blows boxers have become accustomed with. They do want to train like professional boxers but in a non-contact manner.

Another fun sport of mine is boxing and kickboxing. The training can be rigorous if you are willing to really engage with it. However, like me many are likely to do it as part of a more relaxed fitness routine.

Boxing has some advantages that include total body fitness, self-defense and confidence.

While boxing often improves upper body strength the overall fitness routine includes crunches, weight management, crawls and much more.

Self-defense is a natural aspect of the boxing. As one engages in the sport they will learn to use their body mechanics, arms and basic blocks well.

Confidence comes from a new healthy lifestyle as well as the ability to defend yourself when necessary. There is less fear of others and a more willingness to be genuine.

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