Sunday, March 25, 2018

Creating the Full Life

Life is full of choices. We choose activities based on our needs and preferences. Many of us don't create a full life and don't have horizons much larger than our backgrounds. I come from a small place in the world and I can say that about 60% of people have never traveled more than 2 hours drive from our hometown. But that isn't really the issue, it is the inability to explore those activities that cover the major needs for a healthy life.

I see there there are many needs but to have a well rounded life it is important to fulfill these few:

1.) Social: We need to socialize and having meaningful relationships. Lots of these will be just acquaintances but they still fulfill a purpose.

2.) Physical: The need to get out and move and improve ones physical abilities.

3.) Meaningful work: The need to do something we enjoy in a way that still pays our bills.

4.) Creative: An outlet on being creative and doing unique things.

5.) Intellectual: Spur our thinking and our brains.

6.) Purpose: Some time of overriding goal and theme to our lives.

If we work a little on each of these aspects we will have a well-rounded and meaningful life that is worth living. Going to work each day, going home, and watching reruns is not a full life. It is called a "rut" that limits our ability to grow as a person.

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