Friday, January 26, 2018

Is the economy offering the right kind of jobs?

Economic growth and jobs are all good news right now. Any continued improvement in a bull economy is welcome. The numbers may not be telling the whole story and greater care should be given to long-term employment opportunities that help slow income gaps.

Those with significant education and technology skills are making more but most other people are not. Its a big problem for future sustainability if income distribution isn't fixed.

While jobs are great, higher wages depend on the fundamentals of economic structures. Manufacturing and technical industries have to be lured back into the country. That is a very complex problem.

I think that tax reform is a good step but there is more we can do. We can improve our data infrastructure and rethink government's hand in developing viable and self sustaining industry clusters. Government and business should be partners in coordinating their marketing and development for maximum economic growth.

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