Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Who are the Gifted and Why We Should Foster Them?

Giftedness is a level of human performance that leads to eminence in one or more fields. This level of performance is partly biological and partly fostered through one's environment. The gifted person is someone who can function at a high level in their particular field. The fostering of giftedness among college students and adult learners can lead to greater benefits of society.

According to Subotnik, et. al. (2011) gifted individuals:

1. reflect the values of society
2. perform actual outcomes typically in adulthood
3. performance in a domain of endeavor
4. development as a result of biological, pedagogical, psychological and psychosocial factors
5. is relative not from the ordinary but to the extraordinary that change fields

In essence, gifted individuals have a moral compass, typically perform in adulthood, find eminence in a particular field, have personality development factors, and typically compare well to extraordinary that changes fields.

It is that ability to transform and change fields that is important. It isn't about performing well and getting things done using the same logic and skills developed by previous masters. This is just a great copy of the original. Gifted have the ability to change the entire logic and create higher levels of performance that even the most "talented" can't do.

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