Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Importance of Making Spare Keys For Your Boats, Camp, Locks and ATV

One of the worst things that can happen to you after hiking, hunting, or spending the day outdoors is that you lose your keys and have no way of getting in or starting your equipment. Worst case scenario you could be putting your life imperil if you are way out in the tundra and your snowmobile wont start. A few simple steps will help you be effective in this arena.

I had this problem happen to me on a couple of occasions. Just yesterday, I lost a set of keys that included the gate for the marina, boat ignition, boat door lock and bike lock. What saved me is that a basic set was in the office but I had to repurchase the bike locks. An expense I could have avoided and didn't want.

Tips to copying Keys:

-Make at least three sets. One for use, one to keep with someone else and a spare to hide on your equipment or keep in your gear.

-Test all keys and ensure they work. Sometimes the copy isn't good.

-Buy labels so you know what keys you have and others can find them if need be.

-Use floats, lanyards, and clips to ensure you can hang or attach keys to trees, boat, wall, or ATV.

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