Saturday, October 28, 2017

Preparing for a Day Sail-Double Check

Preparing for a morning sail takes some time to ensure you have the right equipment. Once you are out on the water it is unlikely you will turn around to get something. It just takes too much time and effort. So you better double check your gear twice before you start and then put it in your bag. There are a few things I pack that are not already on the boat. The safety items on a boat go through their own safety check before leaving land.

My personal pack

1.) Life Jacket: I usually use my own life jacket when I sale. So I typically pack it.

2.) Multi-Use Utility Tool: You never know what might need to be fixed or rigged.

3.) Drinks and Snacks: Put food and snacks in your bag because you might get hungry. A few bottles of water is great for a day sale.

4.) Sweatshirts and Jacket: It gets cold out on the ocean so take with you some extra layers.

5.) Sun Screen: You will likely need it and you will likely burn without it.

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