Sunday, September 3, 2017

Picking the Right Running Shoe

If you love to run you should invest in the proper pair of shoes. Those who hit the road need the right kind of shoes. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a shoe that serves your needs. You can pay anything from $20 to $200 for a shoe. Yet it isn't the price that counts as much as the quality and use. If you are looking for a good shoe then consider a few aspects before you purchase.

1.) Soft and comfortable soles. I prefer shoes with memory phone and a very soft sole. I have noticed that when jogs are an hour the constant impact is less and my feet feel better when they are designed properly.

2.) Ability to be snug. When running shoes should not slip or feel loose. There should be a snugness that allows the shoe to hug the feet and fell like an extension of the body.

3.) Durability. Because you will be running with these shoes regularly they should be constructed of solid materials, strong stitch, real leather, and quality.

4.) Light weight. Unless you are running in the winter you will want a light shoe that feels like air on your feet.

5.) Grip. Your environment will determine the type of grip you want with your shoe. If you are running outside you will want deeper tread to grab the natural elements if you are in a gym you will not need this same grip.

I tried out for the first time Reebok Run Supreme 2.0 4E shoe with memory Tech. It was a pretty good shoe for for the typical $60 price. Of course I didn't pay that much and my price was around $44.

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