Thursday, August 31, 2017

Reaching Milestones In Swimming and Fitness

Swimming is one of the best fitness routines you can engage in. You burn 600-1000 calories in an hour and use your muscles as resistance training while improving your cardiovascular system. This is one of the reasons why people often feel tired after swimming laps in a pool. Reaching personal milestones while swimming is something of an "upper" in life as I notice the challenge becoming easier and easier forcing me to adjust my routines.

Fitness milestone achieved.

Six months ago swimming at a moderate pace was relatively easy but swimming at a sprinter's pace required heavy oxygen and effort. By the time I got down the length of the pool and back I was out of breath. Now that is no longer the case. I sprint with all my might from one side to the next and don't feel much on the other side.

Because the obtainment of enough oxygen and heart rate continues to stay under optimal fat burning levels I have to adjust the swimming exercise to continue to get a benefit. Instead of the typical rest time between sprints I will seek to shorten it just a little and then use various other strokes to augment muscle fatigue. Doing so will allow me to keep my heart rate up for higher periods of time to maximize cardiovascular benefits.

 New milestone are created.

Continuous benefits of exercise come from reaching a level of fitness and then adjusting the routine to ensure there is enough stress on the body to change. It is this moderate level of stress that forces the muscles to grow and the body to adjust in order to meet new standards. We are amazing machines and if we push ourselves a little we can obtain phenomenal growth results.

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