Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Through Good Times and Bad-Character Definition

Life will have its ups and downs. Sometimes you might be on time while at other times if feels more like you are scrapping the bottom. We experience this because life has lots of challenges each of us must overcome. We have lots of things to do and many different stresses but the definition of our character is formed by how we handle it.

When times get tough is when your character is defined. Its not about how much money you have, how many friends you have or the things you brag about. At those dire times it is about the true quality of your character. Your essence can't be hidden when you must pull yourself up from your boot strings.

Some people get through tough situations and then look back and find that it was worthwhile experience because it changed their perspective forever. While it may not have been fun to go through and it could have been full of sorrow or challenges they are able to accept and improve on their lives.

We must consider that deeply rooted character is not always defined by what people see from another person's outward shell. As a person we are unlikely to be aware of who we truly are at the core and how we will handle the worst of situations. Boastfulness and arrogance shatter and break under enough pressure leaving your true naked self.

Its easy to handle the ups side of life but much more difficult to handle the downs. When people learn to change the way they think about their downs and what they can gain from them they are better able to develop the resilience needed in life. Over time this success builds and their confidence builds and they are able to accomplish great things.

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