Friday, June 16, 2017

The International Traits of Giftedness

What is a Gifted Person? You have heard the tales of Einstein, Newton, and the detailed discussion of child prodigies but the actual definition of a gifted person still eludes our understanding. Reviewing 10 countries in Europe, including the U.S., and 9 countries in Asia a study found remarkable similarities in gifted definitions. You may be surprised to find that a Gifted person is defined as having the following traits:

Reasoning: The ability to use reasoning skills to compare and contrast information through logic.

Inquiry: The desire to understand more things.

Memory: Recalling detailed information when needed.

Learning: Chronically seeking to learn about new things.

IQ: A high IQ on standardized tests.

Problem Solving: Solving new and unique problems in previous undiscovered ways.

Interest: The motivation and desire to accomplish something.

Insight: A deeper sense of the "truth".

Giftedness is a qualitative and quantitative difference in perception that is rooted as much in biology as it is in psychology. The abilities to be gifted are biological in nature but the nurture side will make all the difference in the success of the individual. Many achieve nothing in their lives while some achieve eminence through new discoveries.

Stone, K. (2000) A cross -culture comparison of the perceived traits of gifted behavior. DAI-A 61/04, Dissertation Abstracts International

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