Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Rosarito Beach Mexico-Fun and Frenzy

We find our selves surrounded by the cool ocean, sparkling hotels, and a smorgasbord of bars and restaurants. Welcome to Rosarito Mexico just 18 miles or so from the border. A place where youthful Americans and Mexicans go to "sow their wild oats".

Originally a ranching community it took off in the 1950's when Hollywood entered the area. People flocked to the little city in an effort to get away and enjoy the beach culture just across the border.

Wild and crazy it is definately for those under the age of 30. Places like Pappa & Beer are a popular destination with their American style dance music, sand dance floor and multiple floors.

Towns like this exist because of tourism. It appeals to Americans, Mexicans and European visitors. Money and investment that caters to visitors keeps the place growing and changing around the beach.

You will find that Rosarito Beach is very well kept while the greater the distance from the tourist location the more the properties are run down.

It isn't the cheapest place either! $3.50 for Mexican beer or $10 a shot. Yet when you compare that to many American resorts its a steal. Cheaper places are found just off the beach.

Transportation isn't bad. Costing somewhere around $30 from the Otay Border for a car full of people (4) or $20 with Uber. Coming back is a better deal at $10 for an Uber.

Its a place you might want to visit at least once. A few hundred dollars for a weekend should suffice. Plan on eating tacos and other domestic cuisine.

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