Monday, June 26, 2017

Pharmaceutical Companies in San Diego Snap Up Life Science Companies

I'm reading the San Diego Union Tribune and come across an article by Bradley Fikes entitled San Diego's science allure draws in big partners. San Diego has a robust bio diversity and life science industry that is attracting big pharmaceutical companies hoping to capitalize on new innovations and developments.

The drugs business is huge and attracts big investment. Life science companies that have promising portfolios and new discoveries are a hot item for investment. As these companies are encouraged to develop and invent they have willing investors that can connect them with larger production capabilities. 

This industry thrives because of the years of scientific development off of the natural ocean front and diverse sea life. Much of its history has included the conservation and scientific development of its natural resources. They have effectively capitalized on their history and local geography to create a viable industry. 

Clusters often work with shared knowledge. When companies attract and recruit highly intelligent people they will begin to create synergy in knowledge and science. The more they share that knowledge, the more innovation that occurs, and the more investment will be created. 

Government has a responsibility to support this development through "start up" friendly legislation and research oriented encouragement. With proper government policy the San Diego government can continue to not only encourage this development but also encourage secondary industries which can spark whole new clusters of development creating future economic growth. 

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