Monday, May 1, 2017

Creating Vivacious Organizational Communications to Foster Adaptability

Organizations that don't change eventually die! The single element that can have a profound impact on growth within an organization is communication. That is right! Its not hiring more managers, putting in fancy compensation systems, or outsourcing. It comes down to do employees having the right information they need, when they need it?

Adaptable organizations feed off of information and rely on information networks as much as the human body relies on its nervous system. Without information employees become isolated, unable to make decisions, and eventually whither within their daily job functions.

Organizations are bounded rationality and without some type of formal or informal communication system they will not be able to create a shared perspective. That lack of perspective often leads to a company that can't push information quickly to get everyone working together. People develop their own agenda and have a hard time working together.

Think of how silos impact the functioning of an organization. Those organizations that fail have lots of hierarchy, cling to information as a power source, and can't communicate well with their employees. They are stuck and unable to adapt quickly.

To free the lines of communication means flattening the organization and developing stronger communication strategies. Managers should not be information sifters that pick and choose which people receive what type of information. They should be information sound boards that ensure everyone in their department is up-to-date on changes within the organizations. Receiving information is as much a priority as providing information.

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