Monday, April 10, 2017

Wine Tasting Experiences in Baja Mexico

A mere 90 minutes into Mexico from the San Diego border is a budding burgeoning wine region that hosts a cornucopia of boutique wine tastings and lush green vineyards. During the weekend I had the pleasure of experiencing a delightful taste-bud teasing wining an dining experience. A place to enjoy life in style. 

Napa Valley is great but Baja Mexico offers a whole different kind of experience. Each winery is unique and seeks to stand out. In the middle of the fields are popular and trendy restaurants that you won't find anywhere else. From monasteries to straw built structures your trip won't be redundant. 

Nothing will be the same from one to the next with the richness of experience different each time you stop.

Its a region where wealthy Americans and Mexicans engage in one of a kind experiences with every winery offering a variety of blends and tastes. Wine bottles typically range from $10 to $30 and dinner can cost you $30 to $60 USD. Unique hotel accommodations have sprouted up throughout the valley.  

Worth the trip? Yes its worth another visit.

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