Saturday, April 22, 2017

Marching for Science

People are standing up for science and they have a good message that leaders should lend their ear. Science and logic should prevail in the management of society and life. While many have opted to make it a political statement, it has a more fundamental meaning and lesson for all societies. Science, fact, review, and logic should have a mainstay in government management.

I won't get into the politics of this because I have my own personal opinion and values. I will say that standing for science is a beneficial activity that not only raises the importance of science to our society but also the benefits of using it in government.

Whether we are discussing Plato and The Republic or governments of 2017 we should consider how science should be a powerful anchor to our political decisions. There is a concern that society is not moving forward because governments are more moved by political illusions versus scientific facts.

This is one of the reasons why people are more in tune with scientific leaders and the need to integrate them into government. They want scientific minds to take a higher place in government and start making decisions based on logic. The hope is that we have better outcomes and a stronger country.

What happens from here depends on whether people truly believe, and are willing to put their effort into, pushing for a more scientific agenda of society. As a science person I believe it is beneficial to ensure that decisions are based on true research that leads to better results. We have an obligation to beef up our critical thinking skills.

Thus, if change is going to happen young people must get more involved in science based political activities. Whether we are discussing crime prevention, the military, higher education, or our finances science seems to be a better path. It helps ensure our decisions and resources are based on something that can lead to greater outcomes that improves the lives of everyone.

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