Friday, November 11, 2016

3 Reasons The New President Should Focus on Bipartisan Economic Policies

Donald Trump may have won the elections but the real work on the economy just started! Each new leader has an opportunity to change economic policies. To do anything meaningful means that both parties will need to have honest heartfelt discussions on where we should be heading as a country regardless if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton won. While the country has been slowly moving forward it has not done so at the pace many emerging nations have experienced. Creating policies supported by research that appeal to both parties is difficult but not impossible if we understand how the economy actually works. Three reasons we should reconcile and create new policies.

1.) We all are influenced by the economy whether we like it or not.

You are a willing or unwilling stakeholder to economic policy and there is no way to escape it! It makes no difference how rich or poor you are because you emerged in it. Your paycheck, taxes, purchases, and lifestyle are influenced by economic policy.

2.) Our nation amounting more debt.

As a nation we are continuing to amount debt and we are at 19.8 trillion which amounts to $158,000 per household. We have some choices that include your traditional arguments such as raising and lowering taxes as well as cutting programs. New ways are needed to raise revenue and lower the cost of our expenditures while increasing the impact of those expenditures.

3.) The importance of the economy was voted on by both major parties.

If there is one thing that the 2016 economic election taught us is that both sides view the economy as their #1 priority. Economy and jobs ranked above national security at 84% as a pressing issue for both parties making it a bi-partisan issue at its root.

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