Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fishermen Holding The Spirit of an Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur is one of the most fundamental and important catalysts to the American economy. Without them we would not invent new things, create jobs, or start new businesses. They have a particular view of the world that makes them unique from the general population. They are rational optimists that see opportunity where others see nothing.

Opportunity comes to those who can perceive it. I was on my morning walk and I watched a small fishing boat loading their fishing cages high onto the deck. A little boat and lots of cages? I was wondering how these lobster fisherman were making a living.

It struck me that they fish all different types of fish throughout different seasons and this shows an entrepreneurial spirit. Fishing for a living is a hard occupation. People must work day in and day out in order to squeeze out profits. They must also comply with regulations that may help the environment but also hurt them.

To succeed in this environment is nothing short of a miracle. You would have to find new ways of catching fish and go after as many profit bearing species as possible always on the look out for new fish, new markets, and new opportunities. This must happen while paying your bills and lower your expenses.

The fisherman is the natural entrepreneur working as a small businessman/woman and seeking greater profits when they can be found. They may spend hours working on their tasks and search out better fishing locations. Their profits are low and their overhead is sometimes high. Despite this they continue to row upstream and with rational optimism become successful.

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