Thursday, September 15, 2016

Supporting Infrastructure and Alternative Transportation

Your stuck in traffic, it takes two lights to get through the intersection, while the sun bakes you in the car. Sure you can put on some great relaxing music and turn on the air conditioning but that rests your mind and doesn't fix the problem. The only way to tackle traffic is to change the entire grid work of a city; perhaps nationally.

Today is the world of ideas. We are fighting a battle to rebuild the country into a competitive powerhouse. It isn't about regaining old glories but about creating new heights for other countries to emulate. This means create fundamental changes on how we do things. Transportation infrastructure is one way.

We can see the ground effects of poor policy when it takes us 60 minutes to go 20 miles or when smog rises creating what looks like a fog. To fix this means we must work on developing public transportation and fixing our infrastructure to support alternative forms of transportation.

Ideas I like are the use of expanded public transportation. Please clean the buses more often so you aren't afraid of diseases. Additional bike lanes are beneficial. Walk friendly neighborhoods. Development of streamlined roads with large parking lots and enclosed walking districts. Support of telecommute jobs and electric auto systems.

Whatever the idea...if it is practical and feasible I support it.

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