Monday, August 22, 2016

The Sophisticated Boss

Sophisticated bosses have some things that unsophisticated bosses don't have---people skills, job knowledge, and management knowledge. They understand the motivations of their employees and manage in a way that draws greater enthusiasm and higher performance for the job. They are the ones who understand their industry and have the management skills to keep things running smoothly.

The first thing you will notice about a sophisticated boss is that they have high emotional intelligence and know how to handle with people. Instead of being blown around by the personalities of others they are in tact and can lead the behavioral expectations by keeping calm and effectively communicating with others.

They lead because people trust their knowledge and their abilities. They are able to command a room and the personalities within it based on their charisma and capacity to speak in a manner that draws attention. People gravitate and want to be like the sophisticated boss.

They are managers at heart and they can use modern management techniques to blend their personality skills and job knowledge to create the highest outcomes. They are confident and capable managers who know what needs to be done and find the best way to get everyone working toward the same goals.

The sophisticated manager is created for years of experience, education, and self-reflection. They have been in tight spots and have used their emotional intelligence and general intelligence to create strong outcomes in complex organizations. They have the skills, abilities, and knowledge to master their environment and accomplish things the rest can't.

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