Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Organic Red Wine-Green Fin

For those who drink wine you will soon find that not all of the are the same. Sitting with a friend drinking a glass of wine and discussing business in California we sipped on Green Fin. The weather was nice and having a glass of wine seemed appropriate. As we chatted and sipped the topic halted for just a moment to acknowledge the taste.

It was a tasty well balanced wine. I didn't expect that for the price I paid for it. I grabbed it based on the label.

You will first notice the berries, cherries, vanilla and other fruit right away. You may even find a little chocolate in there. It was wet without a lot of aftertaste. The company describes it as "silky" finish;which I think is accurate. A little vanilla in there. The winery went out of their way to create a strong table wine for everyday use.

Green Fin Winery prides themselves on using organic grapes to produce their wine. If you are the the type of person who cares about where the ingredients come from this might be the environmentally conscious choice. No pesticides or chemicals that artificially damage the natural flavors. Retailing under $5 you will find it fits most budgets. I give it 7 out of 10 based on price and taste.

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