Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hiring Quality and Adaptable Employees

You have aligned our job descriptions to our strategic plan and then released a job opening advert that seeks to draw in the best candidates. A few good resumes trickle in and a mass amount of poor resumes fill your inbox. You must now move onto picking out the promising applicants and discarding the poor ones.

This is difficult process as the few candidates you select from the pile will determine whether or not you feel successful in your candidate search. Most look for experience, background, writing quality, and how the candidate pitches themselves. What we don't often realize is that it is a piece of paper and an interview but isn't the whole story.

There are more things to consider like how they give back to the community, their creative endeavors, and the way in which they approach problem solving. These things are not often included in the resume and can be difficult to decipher and find. You might need to take an extra step.

When this information is available it typically comes from the interview process. Building these questions into a supplemental request or into the initial application can be helpful. They provide additional information beyond standard questions and offer the chance to find candidates that have value for future adaptability and social relations.

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