Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Encouraging Employee Creativity

Today's economy runs on those who are creative, can find new solutions, and enhance strengths where weaknesses abound. Developing creativity in employees seems difficult for those executives that think in terms of action and output.

Below you will find a few tips for encouraging creativity and leads to higher performance and knowledge among workers. Creativity can be a messy process but does lead to higher levels of performance and innovation in the long-run.

Variety of Work: Exposing people to new ideas and positions throughout the organization leads to higher creativity.

Collaborative Work Environments: People who work  together share ideas and thoughts. Egalitarian approaches work the best.

Appreciate Novelty: New things and different people might annoy some but these people and their ideas are necessary.

Letting Employees Explore Ideas: Some ideas are not fully developed and need to be explored.

Encourage Mindfulness:  Helping people be aware of the moment and understand their thoughts and feelings at that times allows new ideas to come forward.

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