Friday, June 10, 2016

The Importance of Developing Data Infrastructure

Infrastructure is a fundamental aspect of our economy but is often neglected in for more exciting and publicly popular programs. Building strong infrastructure impacts all the businesses that use it to obtain resources, ship products, or sell services. New generations will need new data infrastructure improvements to keep up with change and stay competitive.

 Different eras had different types of infrastructure. For example, highways were important during the mid 1950's-1970's while technological updates are needed in modern times. Both still work together to create a faster economy where information, products, and financial resources move quickly.

Today's world is about information. It spurs innovation, creates growth, educates people, and improves government transparency. The infrastructure is slowly starting to improve upon the ability to transfer data and financial resources throughout the country and world.

The cities of the future will look like data grids as much as they look like clusters of people and buildings. They will all need to share information through their personal and electronic networks to achieve growth. The better cities can do in improving their data infrastructure the more likely the cities will grow.

We can see these high speed internet cables making their way into metro areas. Companies are furthering their supply chain networks and adjusting their hubs to make faster delivery possible. None of this would be possible without a growing need of people and businesses who want access to faster, affordable and more reliable data services. As the infrastructure develops, so does the economy.

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