Monday, June 6, 2016

Empowering Your Employees Empowers Yourself

Employees are the elemental asset to the success of any organizations. Despite their amazing contributions and potential we often seek to micromanage them to the point where they are ineffective. This need for control zaps employee's potential and deflates their enthusiasm to accomplish great things.

Micromanagement is a type of control mechanism designed to reduces unknowns and limit the feeling of fear. The problem with micromanagement is that while one tries to control their environment to make themselves feel more secure they usually make their employees feel less secure resulting in the opposite impact.

Managers who are emotionally and mentally healthy can empower their employees to act and work at their own best judgement. The company hired them to use their brains and the more you can encourage them to do so the stronger motivation and performance that will result. Let your employees do what they know best.

Employees should be able to earn their freedom from micromanagement. As the employee becomes more knowledgeable and independent micromanagement will frustrate them. They already know what they are doing and don't need anyone telling them the details.

Good managers can empower their employees to improve on their own. They can help, guide, and encourage them without telling them each step. Micromanagers view others around them as incompetent but often fail to see how skewed this perception is as people become aware of inefficiency of managing every detail. Hire great talent and empower them to free you from worrying about the details.

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