Friday, May 20, 2016

San Diego Becomes #9 for Entreprenuership

San Diego is quicking becoming a hot market for new businesses ventures that will draw more investment and greater activity. The Kauffman Foundation's Startup Activity report shows San Diego moving up to the 9th best start-up locations. The index looked at:

-Rate of New Entrepreneurs-
-Opportunity Share of New Entrepreneurs
-Startup Density

Movement up for San Diego means the city is improving as a place to do business. This is important for drawing in fresh talent and ensuring that new companies are growing and thriving in a way that lead to jobs a few years down the road.

As a nation we also seem to be starting more companies that we did previously. This can make a difference between a successful nation and one that fails. American must maintain its entrepreneurial approach if it wants to lead markets and maintain its competitive position against new challenges.

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