Saturday, May 28, 2016

Modern Airport Travel

The modern airport offers conveniences beyond what our parents could have imagined. Recent generations have become increasingly familiar with airports as a method of traveling. They expect more and get more in terms of amenities and options. From free Wi-Fi to piano lounges seem to be only some of what they expect.

Partly a mall, a strip of restaurants and a transportation hub the airport offers a complete flying experience. Generation X also expects these things. They don't want to travel and be inconvenienced by poor design. Localities are investing more money to make these things happen. Airports are now little cities.

Security checkpoints are becoming more customer friendly and airlines are trying hard to accommodate customers. Incidents do happen and there are service failures but this is becoming more rare.  Improvement in the overall speed and customer friendly processes are improving.

Service skills will still be important. You can have all the fast checkout lines and amenities you want but at the end of the day it is necessary to treat people well. Friendly, fast, and as individuals. Airlines were once notorious for thinking about people as numbers. Service recovery will become increasingly important as people come to expect more.

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