Friday, April 29, 2016

Do San Diego Millennials Need a Car?

Millennials are increasingly attracted to large cities like San Diego not only because of its employment opportunities but also because of its amenities. As the market shifts there may be less need for cars and more need for public transportation. Based on urban design it may be possible for Millennials to not bother to own a car at all!

According to Goldman Sach's a whopping 30% of Millennials don't intend to buy a car in the near future while another 25% don't find it as a priority. It is hard to blame them considering the high cost of car ownership, insurance, parking and congestion. The world is changing and it is now possible to live without a car in many urban areas.

Car Sharing: Why own a car when you can share with others using Car2Go or Uber/Lyft. On those days when you want to be dropped off at the front door or get somewhere quickly these options will work well for you. Legislation is catching up to the sharing economy.

Bike: San Diego is a bike lovers heaven. I know because I have had two stolen in the past few years! For most people who need to travel a few miles, or around their neighborhood, they would be better off using their bikes. Improving bike lanes and access can help.

Walking: The city offers well designed neighborhoods that contain urban areas that have shopping close to housing making much of the city walkable. Providing walkable neighborhoods in city design creates a better community.

Public Transportation: With a solid bus system and trolley system you can get almost anywhere within the city for less than $5 per day; cheaper if you buy a monthly pass. Ensuring that funding is available for expanding public transportation is helpful.

Online Shopping: Online shopping has developed to the point that one can buy nearly anything without going to the store. Amazon offers groceries in addition to anything else you need. U.S. infrastructure is adjusting to more stress on shipping supply chains.

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