Monday, March 14, 2016

Helping Executives Beat the Boardroom Battles

Business is tough can can take a toll on your psychological and physical health. The middle aged corporate man with the bulging stomach, high cholesterol, and stressed disposition is something real and common that can come with eventual consequences. Getting involved in activities like boxing can help in balancing a lopsided lifestyle.

Successful people sometimes get into a rut. They find one way to compete and then continue to use that same way method over and over. As long as the behavior is successful then the person will continue to be successful. The problem is that things change.

Workplaces change, people change and the market changes. This means that executives must always be on alert for opportunities, willing to change, and constantly engaged in pushing good ideas forward. At times the boardroom can look more like a battle ground then a place where civilized people engage in productive work. All of this change adds up to toxic stress!

One of the best ways to get rid of stress is to punching it out! Punch your pillows, punch a bag, or engage in some heavy duty cardio work. Joining your local boxing gym gives you an outlet for your aggression, helps you to connect with other people, and get in shape to be more resilient in the future. It is a great way to fatigue the body and reduce anxiety.

Boxing and its cousins like kickboxing, MMA, karate, and other self-defense classes have high cardo workouts built into them. This means you will lose weight quickly, strengthen your muscles, and feel better about yourself in little time. In as little as a month you will find our body adjusting and changing physically and psychologically in a way that makes you more confident the next time you engage in a boardroom battle.

Fell free to share with appropriate attribution. Dr. Murad Abel 

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