Friday, January 1, 2016

How Going Zen Increases Your Workplace Communication Skills

Communication is as much about how we feel as it is about how we think. Thinking and feeling are connected in a way where one impacts the other. If you having a tough day and someone comes to you with a problem then you are likely to make a snappy response. This reflects on you within the workplace and can impact your perception.

Taking a few minutes to get perspective and relax can help you get the emotional balance you need to achieve your goals. When someone comes with a problem take a moment and relax before acting. This will help to ensure that your responses are well thought out and appropriate.

This means getting a little zen in your life. Take time to relax, think about what is important to you and learn to respond to problems appropriately. This requires the ability to not let stress cause an overreaction or an inappropriate response. Get grounded so you are working from a place of "you".

You may need to make some changes so that you feel that you are fulfilled as a person. It could mean lifestyle changes in terms of eating, exercise, hobbies, spending habits, and even the way you look at the world. Find what those stresses are and either reduce, change or remove them.

A quick tip is to take a moment to breathe, slow down and think. Get into the moment and reflect before you respond. The more you are able to have emotional control the better off you will be in your daily responses and work effectiveness. Success is the process of gaining knowledgeable of your feelings and giving them appropriate outlet to achieve your goals.

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