Friday, December 11, 2015

Trending Toward Artificial Intelligence with Facebook's "Big Sur"

Data is changing the world. Facebook, Google, Microsoft and mass media is offering new opportunities to understand human behavior on a grand scale. Big Sur is a new program designed to further current voice and facial recognition technology that could have an impact on the next generation of electronics and intelligence. Self Learning software will be powering many things in the world over the next few decades.

I'm not a big tech guru but I am one for new ways of understanding. Artificial Intelligence is something that theorists have talked about a long time. It is a core part of sci fi movies ever since the self-learning machine. The development of systems that can collect and learn from masses amount of Internet data is interesting and a little scary.

There are two parts that I see to this. The first part is about improving current systems by helping them integrate new information that may vary during processes such as manufacturing, security, and service development. The other side of this is more related to the possibilities of collecting and analyzing large amounts of societal data.

Such systems are becoming more likely as hardware adopts to process more data and more people get connected to the Internet. Facebook has been used for research for a long time but we are now on our way to analyzing massive amounts of user data. It be so much information that one could poll a society just by the way they are talking about issues and the words they are using.

Perhaps such systems will someday let us know how and why revolutions start, how wars are carried out, how social opinions are formed and how people are moving around the world and what they are saying about it. That is both the beneficial side and the scary side of mass programs that can understand, learn and calculate information on a grand scale.

The possibilities are endless and progress will move on whether or not we are ready for it.

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