Thursday, November 12, 2015

Enhancing Job Satisfaction at Large Firms

Job satisfaction leads to retention of qualified individuals and in turn raises the intellectual capital of an organization. Not all organizations know how to develop job satisfaction. Certainly, pay, independence, culture and other company factors can make a big difference but they are not the deciding factor. Smaller firms are more likely to to cultivate job satisfaction than larger firms (Tansel & Gazioglu, 2014).

Job satisfaction seems to rest on the relationships people have with their bosses and their co-workers. When these relationships are strong and positive people naturally feel more "in tune" with their environment which raises their positive impressions. When these relationships are positive the enjoy coming into work.

The study highlights the importance of humans capacity to be social. This social ability impacts just about everything within one's life. Job promotion, pay, friendship, stress, and even romance are all based in the ability to connect with others and engage. It stands to reason that strong relationships at work raise the overall satisfaction with the job.

Smaller social circles are more intimate than larger circles. The same process occurs in a group of friends, a large vs. small town, or a large vs. small business. Satisfaction rests on the quality of these relationships and their ability to mitigate any negative aspects of day-to-day stress. Getting people to interact is a win-win situation.

Large companies are not doomed to lower satisfaction. It means that managers should have the ability interact on a positive and professional manner, stay close to their employees, and develop real relationships. The technical size of the building or its income is not a real factor beyond the way in which people treat each other.

Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction:

-Treat employees as valuable,
-Find a unique contribution for each,
-Listen and interact,
-Encourage employees to interact with others,
-Have a strong mission statement that gives purpose.
-Help employees find meaning beyond a "job". 

Tansel, A. & Gazioglu, S. (2014). Management-employe relations, firm size and job satisfaction. International Journal of Manpower, 35 (8).

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