Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What Your Smile Says about You?

You wouldn't think a smile would say much about you but it does. Smiles signal friendly intentions and help people open up to you about their needs, wants, desires, life, and motivations. A good smile is contagious and can make its way throughout an organization. Even though who are not aware that someone is smiling will still feel a positive impression toward that person.

If you want someone to listen to your message you should smile. A good smile lets them know you are open to them and like them as a person. It may  not be true but the concept stays the same. A solid simple can be overt overt or non-verbal based upon its intensity.

This can lead to more honest with employees which creates awareness of your department. When people feel positive feelings toward their boss and trust that boss it puts the boss in the center of information which is important in proper management. 

Knowing which type of smile to use and when is important. When you don't know someone try not to give a huge smile as it may hint that you are sneaky, have ill intention, or something to hide. Try and subtle smile with accents of something bigger when the person says a key point or something interesting.

Practicing a non-verbal smile you can use with everyone, a large smile in exciting situations or when you know the person, and the casual positive smile in daily conversation can be beneficial. As people respond to your positive impression with a positive response you will find your relationships improving and more people willing to listen to you.

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