Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Friends Influence Your Studying Habits and Chances of Completing College

Friends are an important part of having a healthy college life but it also influences the overall likelihood of getting good grades and completing college. College is a new experience and people are open to meeting all types of new people. Your friends will influence how you view school and your purpose for being in school. A few tips can help you stay on track.

When entering college for the first time you may not have a large friendship network and are naturally motivated to meet new people. This makes you open to new relationships and this is great! Make sure you evaluate the quality of those friends before moving from acquaintance to friend status.

It is important to find people who have an interest in completing college and have goals in their lives. Such friends will spend their time studying, socializing with others, and enjoying the college experience. They have a solid balance between work and play but always keep their eyes on their goals.

Your friends will also influence where you live, the things you do for fun, and the type of people you meet. Putting a positive spin on your college experience also means ensuring that you are hanging around with people who support you and enjoy similar activities. Good friends will help you stay focused on your studies and keep you out of problems.

Your friends will influence how much time you spend studying, class attendance rate, and the activities you will be completing. Making sure you got the right friends from the start will make a big impact on your whole college experience and potentially influence your graduation rate. Do yourself a favor and get in with the right friends right away to give yourself the extra support you need.

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