Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Four Traits for Selecting Your Next Business Crew

Any good ship must have the right crew. That crew includes people who can contribute to the overall mission in a successful way. Knowing what you are looking for through using pre-selection criteria can help to ensure you are hiring wisely. The storms of business can be rough and having the right team ensures the mission is achieved.

The right team should have three main factors that include 1.) Knowledge, 2.) Skills, 3) Abilities and 4.) Personality. Most recruiters are aware of KSA but do not always include personality in the mix. The best knowledge, skills and abilities without the right personality isn't going to work out anyway.

1.) Knowledge: Knowledge comes from experience, training and education.
2.) Skills: The realized abilities that have tangible market value for accomplishing job tasks.
3.) Abilities: The abilities that can be enhanced to create future skills.
4. Personality: The ability to work with others and accomplish tasks.

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