Monday, August 10, 2015

Branding Unique Restaurants

San Diego has lots of restaurants ranging somewhere in the thousands. It is possible to pick from Mongolian all the way over to Italian fine dining. Most are similar and maintain prices based upon their competitive environment and core customer demographic. Finding something unique helps in creating a  more competitive base.

Consider what you do when you want to take someone out to eat. You think about what your stomach is telling you to select the genre of food, you scope out your budget and then select something that is memorable.  The more unique, the better!

I went to a unique cajun style restaurant called Crab Hut. A simple place located in a strip mall. You sit down on a table with a paper mat, roll of paper towels, and some plastic gloves. Food comes in a steamed 1lb. bag which you eat with your hands and are free to make as much mess as you want.

It isn't as though it is completely unique but compared to many other restaurants in the same price-range it is a fun place to eat. This is the point. Restaurants are selling experiences. Ensuring an establishment has something unique attracts more customers and gives customers a nugget of information to spread via word-of-mouth to their friends.

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