Monday, August 10, 2015

San Diego Leads the Way in Desalination

Academics, Governments and Industry Manufacturers are coming together for IDA's World Congress on Desalination and Water Reuse hosted in San Diego between August 30ths and Sept 4th. They are coming to view the Poseidon Water's desalination Plant and a sewage recycling system in Orange County.  They will see how the systems work and carry that knowledge back to their home countries.

Water is not a self-generating and requires proper conservation and usage. Places in the world suffer from a lack of water but do have abundant oceans. Harnessing the power of the oceans offers the ability to produce an abundant source of water that could potentially create terraform type changes in parts of the world.

Water can change a lot f things in places like California or Africa where resources are low but agricultural needs are high. Growing more food, healthier food, without as many pesticides can help in creating a stronger people. It can also slow down the pace of poverty and disease in regions whose climates have changed.

Countries that once had lush environments and have seen their water supplies dwindle from overpopulation and pollution can use reverse osmosis to clean their water and put it back into supply. New sources of water can be created at prices that will continue to drop as technology advances. The more people come to see and expand knowledge the better off the world will be down the road.

Transformational adjustments are a few decades away but that doesn't mean the seeds are not being sown today in San Diego's growing eco economy. As a city focused on tomorrow, through the development of sustainable practices, San Diego is drawing a lot of attention. Bio technology and bio management are growing markets that San Diego may soon find themselves in the forefront of. 

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